Ride the Ozarks

Enjoy a great ride in the heart of the Ozarks!

With tons of fun twists and turns, this route takes you on a journey full of history, beauty, and amazing fishing. Theodosia is the Bass Capital of Missouri!

While the roads may twist and turn throughout the drive, it only allows for the advantage of witnessing the many picturesque views throughout the area.The only way a person can experience The Real Ozarks is to take the time and simply go on a journey unlike any other.

Traveling to Theodosia is easily accomplished, as all roads lead into the area and offer beautiful scenic views no matter the road chosen to travel. Following Highway 125 from the north will lead a person through the Hercules Glade Wilderness. Several areas of this route are surrounded by the Mark Twain National Forest. Crossing over Bull Shoals Lake from Arkansas to get to Theodosia is also easy when traveling 125 from the South. The Peel Ferry which is the last public ferry boat in the State of Arkansas operates daily to help people cross Bull Shoals Lake, allowing for the opportunity to explore both sides of the shoreline.

Exploring the winding and twisting landscape of Highway 181 will offer an opportunity to experience many unique stops throughout the area. Caney Mountain offers the opportunity to see the location of where the first wildlife management plan was designed and observe the large quantity of wildlife that is now abundant within this rough and rugged landscape. There are a few different Mills in this area, allowing for a nice place to stop and take a step into history while enjoying the unique views of nature.

Traveling on Highway 160, West from Highway 181 will lead directly to the amazing ten-span bridge crossing Bull Shoals Lake and into Theodosia. The original town of Theodosia is located under the bridge and was flooded when the Bull Shoals Dam was built in 1951; the town was moved up the hill and replaced the town of Lutie, though the cemetery and school still maintain the name Lutie as a remembrance of times past. Theodosia is an area rich in history, beauty, and amazing fishing as it is known as the Bass Capital of Missouri.

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