Peel Ferry

If you think a cheap thrill is nice, Bull Shoals Lake has the cruise for you!

The Peel Ferry will cart you across Bull Shoals at no cost! Most folks, including summertime tourists, just ride across, turn their car around on the other side, re-boards, and ride back for fun. With the drive around the lake being about an hour and a half, the short ferry ride has become a necessity for the locals, being a forty five minute ride round trip. It operates during daylight hours, 7 days a week, weather permitting.

The barge carries up to six cars so make sure to be first in line!

The Peel Ferry route is an enchanting scene, with a curved road running through the countryside, so for you motorcyclists who fancy a joyride, this is the place to go. But keep a lookout for deer and other wildlife who share the area, because they sometimes think they have the right of way on the roads.