January-February: Bass-Jerkbaits, Manns sting ray grub, any swimming grub or jigs will catch bass. Try bluffs with timber or deep drop offs as places to start.

March: Bass-Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, grubs and suspending jerkbaits. Fish have moved to shallow water. Some white bass activity on spoons, live minnows and small top water lures.

April-May: Bass-Top water lures, four inch finesse worms (carolina rigged), spinnerbaits, jigs and swimbaits. Crappies are active over brush piles, road runners, live minnows, small hair jigs.

June-August: Bass-Night fishing is the best. Jigs, single spins, plastic worms and saltcraws are baits of choice. Fish the thermocline which may be as deep as 35 feet, depending on water temperatures.

September-November: Bass-Top water frogs, spinnerbaits and crank baits. Spoons during September and October are effective. Wiggle warts are the most used crank bait on Bull Shoals. White bass can be caught on spoons or surface lures.

December: Bass-Smithwick or Lucky Craft suspending jerkbaits, twin spins, Manns sting ray grubs on bluff banks. Fish slow, as the fish have slowed due to water temperature.

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